Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tot School

Tot School
Bella is 22 months old.

We put fruit loops on pipe cleaners.

But never did get more than one on at a time.

Then she decided that the baby should do it. Plastic hands are not good for lacing.She spent a lot of the week looking under the couch...

for her early birthday present.

We all went to the Omaha zoo and have way too many pictures of all the fun.

She was exhausted by the end of the trip so she passed out with her new fish.
We also worked on the Brown Bear tot book which she loves! We played outside in the kiddie pool too!

I didn't get nearly what I hoped to accomplished. Hopefully I will get a better balance between being back at work and doing things with her.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Tot School

Tot School
Bella is 22 months old.

Bella helped Papa build a wall in our house.

She wanted to help sweep.

She helped Papa measure and draw lines.

And she worked on walking on a "balance beam".

She loves to help put silverware away.
She sorted pegs by color and stacked them. And of course knocked them down!
She painted her Letter D that we then made into ducks.
She worked on her nesting farm animals. This is still really hard for her. She likes to put certain ones in certain places rather than try to get them all back in the cow.

She played outside with a bowl of water. Then the dogs decided to help drink it!
We also got out paintbrushes and painted letters and shapes on the deck with water.

I am so sad that this is my last week at home with Bella.
I am going to miss all the fun we've had during the day.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Pringle Can Pipe Cleaner Color Sort

Tools for Tots

This is such a simple color sort/fine motor activity.

I just took an empty Pringles can and hole punched 8 holes in the lid. It took some muscle to get the hole punch onto the lid but worked fine once you push it through. Then I got out some pipe cleaners and she had fun poking them through the holes.

Then I got out some hole reinforcers and colored them different colors. I just stuck these on top of the holes on the lid. I got three pipe cleaners of each color. Then she puts the matching pipe cleaner through the correct colored hole.

The best part is that the pipe cleaners store inside the pringles can!

Tot School

Tot School
Bella is 22 months old

This was our first week of documented Tot School. I love this idea and hope to keep it up when school starts back up!

We went on a nature walk. We practiced being small...

and tall like the trees!

The biggest goal has been potty training which was a huge success but also explains the pantsless pictures.

We put circles on letter C's and made them into caterpillars.

We did a lot of fine motor and hand/eye coordination tasks.

This was a great creation. She loves it.

We also went swimming, played with chalk, played with our neighbor friend, and much more!