Friday, August 7, 2009

Tot School

Tot School
Bella is 22 months old.

Bella helped Papa build a wall in our house.

She wanted to help sweep.

She helped Papa measure and draw lines.

And she worked on walking on a "balance beam".

She loves to help put silverware away.
She sorted pegs by color and stacked them. And of course knocked them down!
She painted her Letter D that we then made into ducks.
She worked on her nesting farm animals. This is still really hard for her. She likes to put certain ones in certain places rather than try to get them all back in the cow.

She played outside with a bowl of water. Then the dogs decided to help drink it!
We also got out paintbrushes and painted letters and shapes on the deck with water.

I am so sad that this is my last week at home with Bella.
I am going to miss all the fun we've had during the day.


Susana said...

I hope you adjust to your new routine and find a good balance that works well for your whole family!

Thinking of you and hoping you truly have a good week.

Carly said...

My little girl (21 months) loves to sweep, too! :)

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I love the balancing beam picture. I hope things go smoothly for you as you (all) adjust to a new schedule!

Mommy Bear said...

She is such a good little helper! Very cute.